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Because you (well, one of you) asked! A few more cards from the Book of Doors oracle deck. (I put “oracle” in bold to emphasize that this is not a Tarot deck.) These cards are not from any reading and were laid out at random. Enjoy. 

Edit: I do not know why Tumblr took it upon itself to rotate some of the pictures because they were not on their sides when I uploaded them. But, these are the cards. You can find them on Amazon or in a local shop if they carry them at all (try asking them to order it, if they/you can).

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    I would seriously collect decks based on just the artwork. I have yet to find one I can actually read, but hope springs...
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    *writhes in agony* But it hurtses us…XD
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    Her Henadology page indicates it was deliberate:
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    Thanks for posting pictures! :D YAYY! Its so pretty! I swear on my own name, I WILL own these.
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    Yep, I’ve had that deck for just over a decade now. I don’t use it either.
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    I have three Egyptian oracle decks, but this is the only one I use as of late. I have the Pyramid Oracle (which I...
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    Is there a card for the Ibis? If so, CAN YOU SHOW IT PELASE?????